Best Marketing App – Native Vs Mobile Web

Best Marketing App – Native Vs Mobile Web

During the last couple years we all have seen a large spike in the use of smart phones and a huge drop in their price. This is rapidly allowing the world market to explode with smart phones, 4G/3G blazing speeds, and free Wi-Fi on every corner of the world. New statistics are coming out every month by experts across the industry (i.e. Return Path) in regards to mobile use on the Internet and mobile purchases. The Internet marketing industry is a little behind on wrapping its head around what is really happening.

This paradigm shift away from the desktop and much of the laptop to mobile devices has opened the door for some tremendous marketing tools unavailable just a few years ago. It is the mobile app… Specifically the mobile web app (no download required on any phone). This is very different than the native app in that the native app required a download from one of the stores or a direct download and install on the mobile device. Constant updating and downloading by the user is required to maintain current updated information for that app. The mobile web app is updated instantaneously across all platforms because it is mobile web based system. The mobile web app eliminates downloads and updates associated with native apps. Elimination of that hassle and delay gives the user an instantaneous experience through a web based app. Web apps have the similar appearance and response to native apps. We have our mobile phone within reach 93{70c334fb92e874d1e6848b98072ad90d8e1e4d18d72219bf8863dcf279bcb8a9} of the time 24/7 according to industry statistics. With the advent of text and push notifications (not too different now with 4G/3G access), we can communicate with our customers “One on One”. The read rate of text (over 90{70c334fb92e874d1e6848b98072ad90d8e1e4d18d72219bf8863dcf279bcb8a9}) provides a high probability the customer will receive our marketing message in a timely fashion… NO DISTRACTIONS FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Why is this important? Marketing experts agree that businesses have less and less time, literally seconds, to capture a customer’s attention and keep it. We are bombarded every second with someone else trying to get our attention. The native app requires too many steps to capture instant attention for a prospect. The mobile web app provides instantaneous access to the business offer without distractions or downloads. A properly designed mobile web app allows the user to bookmark the page and add an app icon to the home screen to access the business 24/7. Once added or not added, anytime a customer goes to the main website of the company from a mobile device, they will be redirected to the mobile web app to ensure the best user experience available for the customer. NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED… This provides more access for the customer. Native apps require the individual to download the app which can limit the number of potential new customers as compared to a web based application which has no download and is the same as surfing the web.

I recommended that clients use the mobile web apps to help market and expand their business. Native apps have their place for business to fill the gap of what mobile web apps are incapable of performing, like pictures uploaded from the mobile device through the app would be one example. Business could find it might be the most economical marketing tool they have ever used.

James Alan Hughbanks